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increasing odds to achieve - our story

iota is a fast-growing advisory firm in British Columbia. Founded in New Zealand in 2014, iota was built on our new project management and strategy methodologies, which were developed as a result of legislation changes in the Local Government Act, 2012.


After providing and enhancing services to numerous organizations across New Zealand and Australia, we relocated our head office to Vancouver, Canada in 2016, to share the methodologies with a larger audience. iota has grown in partners and in-turn satisfied clients across North America as a result. We now have a diverse range of clientele from large government agencies to small private enterprise, from around the world.


In British Columbia, the bulk of our team is in Vancouver, though we have satellite offices in Kamloops and Victoria. Outside of British Columbia we have staff in Calgary (AB), Adelaide (AUS) and Auckland (NZ). 

iota proudly serves and responds to the needs of clients in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. Our focus and intentions are to share our experiences and skills to enable our clients to optimize the way they plan, operate and execute.

Working with iota right from the beginning, will ensure that everything is right from the beginning.

iota consulting Vancouver Canada


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Iota Consultants

Tel: +1 (604) 376 3488

Canada Place, Vancouver

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