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60+ Great Examples of Company Values to Inspire You

Company values are the set of fundamental beliefs and guiding principles that help people function together as a team and work toward a common business goal. We have previously written about the importance of company values.

If you are a startup that is currently crafting their company values or if you are thinking of revamping your company values, we compiled a list of 60+ great examples of company values from Canadian companies (both big and small) that are sure to inspire you.


1. Evolve

2. Commit

3. Live it

4. Do Right


5. Safety

6. Care

7. Efficiency

8. Accountability


9. We operate in an egoless environment, where we want you to speak up and challenge the status quo.

10.We value those with a mindset that learning never stops, who always seek to better themselves and those around them, on both a small and large scale.

11. We are data-driven because data is our vehicle to learn, and to make decisions based on fact rather than gut-feeling.


12. Security

13. Trust

14. Innovation


15. Learning & Growth

16. Diversity & Inclusion

17. Independence

18. Impact at Scale

19. Driven by Passion

20.Talent Teammates

Canadian Pacific Railways

21. Providing a competitive advantage

22. Commitment to safety

23. Commitment to environmental stewardship and low carbon footprint

24. Commitment to our people

25. Commitment to communities


26. Customer success comes first

28. Thrive as Team Clio

29. Play to win

30. Draw the f**ing owl

31. Live a learning mindset

32. No doors; only windows

33. Stay fit, have fun


34. Mission first, people always

35. Hold yourself and others accountable and responsible

36. Create for the future with pride, passion, and urgency

37. Win with trust, integrity, and inclusion

38. Be a team. Do your job. Be a pineapple.

39. Continuously learn, grow, and hustle


40. Exceptional customer service

41. Innovation

42. Strong relationships

43. Believing in ourselves

44. Teamwork

45. Continuous improvement


46. Lead with empathy: listen, understand, trust

47. Own your potential: driven, committed, accountable

48. Be bold: critical thinking, disruptive, creative

49. Embrace the challenge: intensity, ambition, tenacity

50. Lend a hand: collaborative, comradery, low ego


51. Step up

52. One Team

53. Customer obsessed

54. Go fast, be agile

55. Play to win

56. Neighbors and Allies

Shell Canada

57. Honesty

58. Integrity

59. Respect for people

Business Development Bank of Canada

60. Ethics

61. Client connection

62. Team spirit

63. Accountability

64. Work/life balance


65. Trust 66. Teamwork 67. Accountability

There are some common themes/values you probably could have identified; while it may be tempting to use some of these values, we want to remind you that company values should be unique - they define YOUR company and YOUR company culture.

We hope that this list of company values inspire you. For some more ideas and insights, we recommend checking out these resources:

At iota consultants, we facilitate workshops to help you brainstorm company values that truly define your team, your workplace, and your work. For more information, feel free to reach out.

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